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Who we are

For nearly 50 years, The Great Falls Children’s Receiving Home has provided safe, temporary shelter to thousands of children who have been removed from their homes of origin due to child abuse, neglect, abandonment, parental drug use, domestic violence, and parental incarceration. Each of these children carries a heartbreaking story of his or her abuse. Our goal is not only to provide these children a safe environment, but to show them that nurturing, compassion and love are the norm and not the exception.

What we do

We treat each and every child with love, dignity and respect and provide a violence-free, safe, fun environment. We ensure that each child's rights are protected and their childhood preserved. We provide clothing, meals, transportation, recreation, toys and livelihood for each child who stays with us. It’s a big job, indeed, but each and every child is worth it.

Our staff

The Great Falls Children's Receiving Home staff is highly trained and specialized to meet the needs of the children from ages 0 to 18 who stay with us. We have 23 caring, compassionate staff members who work as a team to provide 24 hour supervision and support. During the school year, we provide up to ten hours of on-site tutoring for children who need academic support. All children who stay with us for longer than ten days are provided full health exams. A Foster Grandmother provides extra time and attention for our pre-school age children four days a week.

Community partners

The Great Falls Children's Receiving Home cooperates with local and State agencies in order to provide safe, positive environment for its residents. The Children's Receiving Home is licensed by the Montana State Department of Health and Human Services. The Great Falls Fire Department and Great Falls City County Health Department inspect our facility annually. We participate in the Office of Public Instruction food program. Our location is undisclosed in order to protect the children who stay with us.

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